Standard size? No way!

Standard size? No way!


No one has a standard size. I am serious, it´s a myth! It doesn’t matter if you are (European) size 36 or 46, your body is just not a standard model. The shape of your body will also change during your life. You can be a size 40 all your life, but your body will change proportions anyhow.

During my long experience in the fashion industry I have worked with many different fitting models. During the process of product development, we used models to fit on our garment samples to achieve a good fitting. The aim was to find a size 38 (or sometimes 42) who has body measurements as close as standard size as possible, to be able to get the best results. I can tell you that we never managed 100%. Even specially screened fitting models in size 38 had never the same measurement as the standard. There was always a rounder hip, a thinner waist, an uneven shoulder or bigger-than-standard-bust.

The whole system of standard sizes is made up to make it possible to mass produce garments. It has nothing to do with finding the best solution for you. That is the thing I don´t like about standard sizes. It´s not personal and you have to adjust to the garment instead of the garment adjusts to you.

Our aim is to give you the best personal fit possible so that your dress will be comfortable and flattering. We offer both personal and standard size. Standard size, because we know everyone is used to the standard-sized-system. Sometimes it´s the easiest to start with a standard size.  But if you have problems with finding the right fit or length, you can have your garment adjusted so it will fit you perfectly.

Online at our website you can choose personal size at the size options. There you can fill in your own measurements. Alternatively, you can write your wishes under notes. For example, if you wish a standard size S with a certain length of the dress. We will always double check the measurements and get a confirmation from you if we are unsure about the information.

I´s time to get it right!


Love Wendy,

founder & designer

About me

No more standard sizes and standard fashion. I believe in fashion personalized by you.  Thats why I have founded Studio Heijne. By blogging I hope to add some colour to your daily life. And hopefully inspire you to think outside the box and to try the new way of shopping: personal slow-fashion instead of mass-produced garments.