Welcome to a Christmas Customise Party!

Welcome to a cosy night/afternoon with mingle and bubbles in our colourful concept store in Stockholm. Christmas gift tips & styling advice by designer Wendy Heijne. 

And maybe the best of all: bring a friend an you both willl get 20% discount on all products that evening! 

Sign up for the date of your choice, fill in your details and click the sign-up button.

You will receive a confirmation email within a day. See you soon and don´t forget to bring your friend!

 Wednesday the 29th of November 17:00- 20:00 (do not forget to write your email address below) at Kammakargatan 27, Stockholm

Thursday the 30th of november 17:00-20:00 (write your details below) at Kammakargatan 27, Stockholm

Saturday the 2nd of December 13:00-15:00 (please write your name and email below) at Kammakargatan 27, Stockholm

I would like to host an private Customise party with my friends and, as a hostess; receive 50% discount on my purchases and a free scarf

Please fill in your name and email adress. If you bring any friends please add their name and email as well.


xxx Wendy