Customer reviews

We know that we deliver quality and great products with a good fit.

But do not listen to us, it's better to listen to our customers instead. We understand that you want to know what past customers think. Here we have collected some statements and reviews from our customers since November 2016.


"Hello Wendy, thank you so much for your nice service, such a beautiful outfit and lovely scarf. You are a star!"

Marianne Marescotti  (june 2018)

3 questions to Åsa who has personalised her dress.

Which dress you have chosen and why?

Well, when I first saw the Philosophy dress from Studio Heijne, I was  immediately hooked. I simply loved it, and it almost felt like “mine”. When I tried it on and I felt the fabric against my skin, it sealed the deal. The dress is well tailored, with a fitted waist and a slightly loose skirt, which suits me very nicely.  The smart details, such as the cuffs and the zipper, give the dress the little extra tough look. Overall, it’s the ultimate combination of a somewhat more elegant style with a cool edge.

How did you personalize your dress?

Wendy helped me in finding the perfect fit for me in the concept store. I was in between two sizes, so she measured and photographed me. And later they sewed the dress tailored for me. Choosing color was easy, since I love wearing black as a base and styling it with colorful details. It’s a simple style that can be varied.

And the result…

I'm very happy with the result! The dress is so practical. It can also be worn as a long jacket, with something slightly more colorful underneath.

I always feel dressed for the occasion when I am wearing the dress. Sometimes I like to add little flair by wearing a scarf over it, or some other colorful accessory. But because the dress is so stylish in itself, I only use details to accentuate it. I feel very comfortable and confident in my Studio Heijne dress.

Åsa (february 2018)



"Co-creating my own dress with Studio Wendy has been a true joy! It's exactly as I wanted it and perfect to dress up or down for various occasions. The concept with sustainability inspires me and I know I will enjoy my dress for so many years to come..."

Anna Liden," proud owner of a long navy blue Workday dress"


"I love my dress from Studio Heijne, I style it to a polo shirt and jeans or stockings to keep warm. At the same time, I long for the summer when I can wear the same dress on the beach with a bikini underneath. I am so pleased with the dress and happy for all the compliments I received from people when they ask me where my beautiful dress comes from."

Lisa Sundström


"With this review I want to let you know that I am very happy with the customized dress and that I get a lot of compliments. Also for the design of the dress. Choosing the right style on the website is fun and also playing with the colors to create your own personal dress. The idea that this dress was made only for me is so special. The package is perfectly wrapped. I can only give compliments for the whole experience and I will wear the dress with pride."

Greetings from a very satisfied customer,

Karina Kneijber



I'm sooo happy with the shawl :) Wear it to work every day!"

Sanna Mikkola


"I bought a beautiful dress from Studio Heijne. Such a nice sustainable concept!

And how nice to be so warmly welcomed by Wendy during the POP-UP store in Amsterdam.

The basic design offers many possibilities for customising, and together with Wendy, we put together a unique tailor-made dress. It was perfect! The quality of the design and fabric is excellent.

I think it's definitely worth using the Studio Heijne website!"

Lucia Leijten


"My beautiful designed and tailored dress has just been delivered, and everything is just as perfect. The beautiful tasteful packaging and personal care feels like a nice gift. In short, I am very pleased. Thanks so much."

Marijke Ardon