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Natural wool and cashmere spray

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Gröna Gredelina Wool & Cashmere Spray is a natural spray that refreshes clothes and home textiles in wool. The ecological wool spray removes any odor & keeps moths away. Additionally it has antibacterial properties. Use the natural wool spray between usage & before setting garments aside for the season. It’s suitable for all wool blends. Furthermore the natural content makes it also suitable for babys and allergy sufferers. 

Gröna Gredelina is a Swedish company that manufactures organic and natural products for the body and home completely without toxic chemicals and unnecessary additives. All products contain as few ingredients as possible and most are manufactured in Stockholm after genuine, old and proven recipes. The ecological essential oils fulfill two functions as they both smell good and are antiseptic.

Gröna Gredelina cooperates with a French perfume house in Grasse with traditional manufacturing and their products develop in Stockholm, Sweden. 

  • Size: 250 ml
  • Package: plastic pump bottle
  • Includes only this: Distilled water Alcohol, (alcohol denat) Essential oils & essential oils & fragrance

At Studio Heijne we select our collaborative partners and their products with sustainability in mind. This natural wool and cashmere spray from Gröna Gredelina fits very well into our sustainable concept. 


Reduce washing is sustainable and extends the product’s lifetime. This spray refreshens your wool product quickly and easily and keeps odor and moth away. 


  • The spray is locally produced in Stockholm, Sweden.


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