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Organic gift package coconut oil & clay mask

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Organic gift package with whipped organic coconut oil and a eco certified green clay mask.

Organic coconut body oil

Green Gredelina’s coconut oil is whipped, which makes it easier to absorb by skin and hair with added Vitamin E for even better skin care properties. The oil smells fresh cotton flower, a little freshly washed scent that is very pleasant. The coconut oil has been gently deodorized to remove the coconut scent. However, all the amazing properties and nutrients are left in the coconut oil. The whipped coconut oil does well on dry and sensitive skin. Great for dry elbows, delicate baby skin and pregnant belly. The skin becomes soft and moisturized. Use it as a hair wrap or to get shiny fine legs.

Green Gredelina’s organic coconut oil is grown in the Philippines completely without the use of spraying agents or artificial fertilizers. The nuts are hand picked and this coconut oil without fragrance is deodorized in a gentle way to preserve the nutrients.

Green clay mask

The natural green clay mask comes from clay powder from The Provence in France. Natural green clay is rich in minerals that stimulate the skin. It fits normal to oily skin.  Green clay absorbs more fat than other clays and is in a great way to use for natural cleaning products. The clay is rich in magnesium and trace elements. It detoxifies, restores skin’s mineral balance and absorbs dirt and grease effectively. 

Gröna Gredelina is a Swedish company that manufactures organic and natural products for the body and home completely without toxic chemicals and unnecessary additives. All products contain as few ingredients as possible and most are manufactured in Stockholm after genuine, old and proven recipes. The ecological essential oils fulfil two functions as they both smell good and are antiseptic.

Gröna Gredelina cooperates with a French perfume house in Grasse with traditional manufacturing and their products develop in Stockholm, Sweden. 

How to use it

Mix the green clay with equal amount of water to the face mask, (preferably use the lid to mix in!) Apply the clay with a thick layer on moist skin and rest for about 5 to 15 minutes. Rinse gently without scrubbing. Because it is moist when applied to the skin, it penetrates easily and when it dries it brings with it the impurities.

  • Size: 160 ml for the coconut oil
  • The organic gift package includes only natural ingredients:
  • Organic Coconut Oil: (Cocos Nucifera) Vitamine E (Tocopherol) Natural grown perfume
  • Clay: Illite, Kaolin, Montmorillonite (French clay),100% natural origin. No additives
  • The coconut are grown in The Philippines
  • The green clay is from the French Provence

At Studio Heijne we select our collaborative partners and their products with sustainability in mind. This organic gift package from Gröna Gredelina fits very well into our sustainable concept. 


Gröna Gredelina’s coconut oil is made from organic and natural ingredients, grown without the use of spraying agents or artificial fertilizers.


  • Locally produced in Stockholm, Sweden


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