Introducing The Customise Party



We have received a lot of requests from women who want to try on our dresses, feel and see the fabrics and get help with deciding on the right size. That´s why we have decided to introduce The Customise Party.

Picture an intimate place with stylish women and luxurious, lovely dresses. You will be surrounded by exclusive fabrics, colours and print. We are aiming to make this an inspirational fun and creative night. You can hang out with other charismatic women, enjoy some champagne and get in the right shopping mood.

Do you want to feel, try and test our dresses? Do you want to get some customise inspiration or professional help with body measuring?

AND do you want to hang out with other stylish women?


Click here to go to our scheduled Customise Partys.

It is important to know that there is no obligation to buy anything during the meeting, a nice evening is the most important!


Do you have a whole bunch of stylish girlfriends

who would also like to join?  

Request a Customise Party in your neighbourhood. We source for a suitable location or if you prefer we can visit you at your home.

As a request –lady you will get 50% discount on your purchase and other benefits.

Send your request by sending an email to Studio Heijne at wendy@studioheijne.com or sign up here

Other services


Measurement session

It can be difficult to measure your own body measurements. If you need help we are there to assist you. If you live in Stockholm, you can make a personal appointment and we will come by for assisting. When you are living in another city or country we still can help online. For this consultancy you need a web camera and Skype or Facetime on your computer. Please book an appointment by mailing us and we will guide you through online.


Customised dresses for business and events.

Would you like the hostesses at you event look uniformly but still able to express individuality? Do your bridesmaids have different styles and preferences?

With Studio Heijne´s concept you can customise our dresses creating a united but individual look together. Interested in this new approach of uniform dressing? Contact us to make an appointment and we will help out.