The concept

Have we met before? You have a charismatic personality, know your style and wear it with full confidence. You do not need anyone to tell you what style suits your needs and your body. You know what is going on and you like to do things in in a modern way, surrounding yourself with personality, creativity and beauty. You appreciate thoughtful design, easy luxury, quality and you will not compromise.


At Studio Heijne it is about you


You are the expert on your style and your needs. Of course you like to get inspiration and ideas, but in the end you have the last say. By being part of the design process you can create something which is 100% your style and fits you perfect. We are  convinced that those possibilities also add an additional, unique value to the garment that will guarantee a longer lifetime.


Studio Heijne's philosophy is based on the following pillars:

• Co-creation: We are confident that our products will be better when they are created together with you!

• Production on demand: We see production closely linked to demand as an important key to contribute to a sustainable society. The model leads to minimal waste and eliminates overproduction.

• Creativity: We want to share the fun to create and wear a personal product. Studio Heijne stands for creative design, innovative solutions and products with a signature.

• Quality: We always strive to deliver the highest quality. This applies to our total offering from product to packaging and service


Founder and designer Wendy Heijne was born in the Netherlands in 1980, but is today a Stockholm-based fashion designer:


For almost 12 years I have been part of one of the biggest fashion companies in the world: H&M. Working there as a designer brought a lot of good things. I have been travelling around the world while we were looking for inspiration, visiting Tokyo one day and going to gigantic factories in China the other day. But the best thing was working with different amazing women every day.


After many years working for a big multinational company I felt I was at the beginning of a “slow divorce”. It was getting harder for me to come up with fresh ideas and I gradually started to think outside the core business idea. At the same time, I was recruiting young designers with huge visions and ideas about fashion. They inspired me and I dared to start dreaming again, painting visions in my head of the future of fashion.


At a private level I experienced many intense emotions within a relatively short time span. I gave birth to my first child and I still remember how I sat in the park with the 6-week old baby in my arms, staring exhausted in front of me after several nights of no sleep, and thinking: what have we done? And then, when I was pregnant with our second child (it turned out not so bad to be a parent after all :)) a dreadful thing happened. My father, only 59 years old, got an incurable type of cancer and died unexpectedly after only three months (before he even could meet his new grandson).


I suddenly realised life is something very fragile. That was the moment I decided to follow my dreams and start bringing together the ideas I had in my head.



The last year, while working on the release of Studio Heijne, I have been experiencing the feeling of freedom and positive energy. I hope this energy reflects on our website and that some of it rubs off on you!


Love Wendy