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Everyday tote bag from Irmas Fabric

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Ease some of the challenges of everyday life and carry your things in style. Irma’s Everyday Tote Bag is a trendy and functional bag made of sustainable material from nature. The bag also comes with a practical and removable inner bag and a mini bag for mobile and credit cards.

This sustainably made tote bag is the ultimate bag for all occasions. For example on your way to work, for training, shopping or travelling. The bag is spacious and functional and accompanies you on all your adventures.

The measurements are: 42 cm wide x 37 cm high x 20 cm deep.


The sustainable tote bag is made of two different types of biological vegan leather.

  1. Paper leather, which comes from cellulose fiber from the forest used in paper. A material that withstands water and is tear-resistant.
  2. Apple leather, which is a residual product from the apple industry.

The handles of the bag are made of recycled polyester and all the details of the bag are made of brass.


  • When you take care of this bag, it will age gracefully and become more beautiful every day, just like you.
  • If necessary, wash/dry clean with a damp cloth in warm water with a mild soap or detergent.
  • Let it dry naturally.
  • Handwash only. Do not machine wash or dry clean it.


Irmas Fabric is a newly established, small-scale, Swedish company that is passionate about designing and producing stylish and functional bags that are also durable.

At Studio Heijne we select our collaborative partners and their products with sustainability in mind. This tote bag from Irmas Fabric fits very well into our sustainable concept. 


Irmas fabric takes pride in using sustainable materials that turn into new products for forward thinking and environmentally conscious individuals.  


The tore bag is made of paper leather that comes from the forest. Simply put, a residual product left over from paper manufacturing. The material has several different names on the market. It’s not as supple as leather but more rigid, which is perfect for Irma’s Everyday Bag. It looks like leather and it wears nicely the more it is used. In addition, the material is durable and can withstand both washing and heavy lifting.

In the bag is partly crafted from apple leather that comes from nature. It is a residual product that comes from parts of the apple that are left over when you produce applejuice.

  • The leather is  environmentally certified paper leather from a producer called Washpapa
  • The apple leather comes from Frumat in Italy.


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