Sustainable, Custom fitted & 30 days open purchase

The story about Heijne

No more standard sizes and standard fashion!

Heijne believes in fashion personalized by you and produced in one size only: your size!

Our vision is based on:

Personal fitting: Every women’s body is unique and finding the right size can be a challenge. At Heijne, you will get the perfect fitting garment without worrying about finding the right size. Therefor you can fill in your own personal size, instead of a standard size. Consequently we adjust our garments to give you the best fitting.

Personal preferences: We make sure we provide beautiful designed collections for modern professional women, while keeping the possibility to include personal preferences. Color, sleeve length or neckline for example, can be changed to match your style.

Production on demand: We see production closely linked to demand as an important key to contribute to a sustainable society. In other words this model leads to minimal waste and eliminates overproduction.

Quality: We always strive to deliver the highest quality. Certainly, this applies to our total offering from product to packaging and service.

The future is custom made!

We see big potential in developing our concept. To clarify we will share our ambition within the coming 5 years:

You will be able to fit our garments online on 3d models mirroring your body shape and size. To clarify we automatically match our garments to the avatar. That means you can skip thinking about sizing and will immediately see if the garment fits your style.

Customization can be done by interactively changing the garment on the avatar. This will certainly makes it easy to customize your garment.

You will be able to get a custom-made garment really fast. That is to say within a couple of days!

Importantly we will provide for a full customizable wardrobe with garment types for both work and play.