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The story about Heijne

Maintain a better future with on demand production.

Did you know that 30% of the garments in the stores are overproduced already from the start? That means that they are bound to end up on garbage dump or getting burned. What a waste! Because of that we are producing the garments after ordering only, we never over produce. That means no spill or throwing away piles of garments. Above all our garments don´t end up in outlets or sales to make place for next seasons production.

Personal fashion:

As a customer you are involved in the design process and can create something which is 100% your style and fits you in a perfect way. As a result this adds an irreplaceable value to the garment and we believe that it will guarantee a longer lifetime.

Our factories:

There are no shortcuts in creating long lasting quality. Therefor we don’t cut corners to shave a few cents off the manufacturing costs. Instead we work with production units who not only can deliver quality, but also can guarantee a sustainable environment for their workers.

Scroll down to read about the 2 production units we work with.



The garment atelier

Klaipeda, Lithuania

All our garments are crafted by hand, piece for piece, by skilled tailors in our atelier in Lithuania. Owner Loreta has a loyal team of 6 tailors and seamstresses, who have been working there for many years. Moreover they earn a decent salary and have good working conditions.

The scarf factory

Hangzhou, China

Our scarves are made in a silk factory in China. Most importantly they print all scarves with digital techniques. Digital printing is a more sustainable way of printing, certainly using less water than traditionally printing techniques.

After printing the scarves are finished sewing by hand or machine, depending on the type of scarf.