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The story about Heijne

About the designer

Wendy Heijne studied fashion design at ArtEZ University of the Arts in The Netherlands. Right after finishing her bachelor’s degree she got a job offer from H&M head office in Stockholm, to start working there as a designer. Within the 12 years she was loyal to the company, working mainly within management and fashion design functions as well as design recruitment. In addition Wendy has also been freelancing for the Swedish fashion brand Tiger of Sweden and The Swedish Fashion Council amongst others.

Wendy´s vision is to create a fashion brand for the future. That is to say a sustainable brand for modern woman of all lengths, sizes and shapes. Women who don´t compromise when it comes to the quality of her wardrobe, the fitting of her dresses and the way her clothes are produced.

As an entrepreneur Wendy has international aspirations to expand Heijne to a global brand and build an imperium. Beyond fashion design, her passion and interest are within tech, sustainability and the (technical) revolution of fashion.

Wendy, originally from The Netherlands, is living in Stockholm, together with her Swedish husband Peter and 2 small boys.