Sustainable production

Sustainable production



You might now that we believe in production on demand to minimize waste and stop over production. We have been producing in this sustainable way from the beginning for our collection with business dresses and silk dresses. All customised dresses have been produced on demand making sure we deliver personal garments and never over produce.  Over production is a serious pollution problem in the fashion industry.  Producing fashion on demand is an important part of our sustainable business concept.

production on demand

New for this season is that we started on demand production for our silk scarf collection as well. From now all our scarves are produced piece by piece, on ´demand, just as our garments.

For this we have started an exciting collaboration with an innovative fashion technology company, called  SHUFF.

They developed a unique textile and fashion supply chain, operating an on-demand drop shipping model. It means that all garments are scarves are manufactured only after they were purchased online. In other words, we order a new scarf for every scarf sold.

In our concept store, we will never have a big stock, but always enough. At the same time, we will be able to deliver fast and worldwide.


SHUFF handpicked several factories which offer the highest quality products, use the best fabrics and materials.

They have personally visited all the factories we work with and were impressed of the way they are being managed as well as the very good conditions they provide to their employees. These factories work with us with much enthusiasm and belief in the on-demand model.

Here you can see our Scarf Papilot being produced in one of the digital printing machines.

Colours for digital printing machine


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