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Children’s face mask

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Children’s face mask

This is a reusable double layer fabric face mask (non-medical grade) is especially designed to fit a children’s face. It comes in a cute dot print which fits both girls and boys. This mask is made of silk crepe, which makes it our most breathable mask. Yet another reason why this mask is the best choice for children.

The mask has a pocket opening inside for the insert of a filter. In the children’s face mask there are no filters included. If you would like filters you can add these ones. 10-packs with filters are available here.

The elastic loops wrap around the ear are adjustable for better comfort and flexible fit


This mask fits children from 5 years until approximately 12 years.

Fabric ands washing: 

  • Our silk masks are tested successfully for washing on 60 degrees.
  • We recommend washing the mask after every use with delicate wash, 30 degrees and dry in the sun. That will clean the mask sufficiently. Every now and then you can wash the mask on 60 degrees for sanitation.
  • For peace of mind: iron masks on the cotton or linen setting to kill any remaining germs.
  • The fabric is 100% silk crepe

Tips for responsible mask use:

  • Wash you hands before putting on the mask
  • Always handle the mask from the ear loop straps when wearing or removing.
  • When you return home, remove the mask first before washing your hands.

Please note that face masks are considered a personal use item. That means that we are not offering returns or exchanges as we normally do with other items.

Why face masks?

The next time you hop on an airplane is likely going to feel different than it did a few months ago. Almost all airlines ( including SAS, KLM and Lufthansa) now require wearing a mask onboard of the airplane. Most airports recommend or require wearing a mask in the terminals.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the EU’s infectious disease agency, at the start of April advised EU governments that masks could be helpful in reducing transmission. This is what they stated:

“A face mask may help reduce the spread of infection in the community by minimizing the excretion of respiratory droplets from infected individuals who may not even know they are infected and before they develop any symptoms,” it reported.

Worn properly, non-medical and even home-made masks might reduce the spread of infection . Because you can be infected without knowing it. Even if the masks might not protect the wearer themselves, they protect the environment.

Reusable masks

Our face masks are reusable. You can wash them over and over again. Reusable products are by definition more sustainable than disposable products, because they give less waste. 


The Fabric:

  •  Our face masks are made of silk. Silk is not only an amazing and beautiful quality, it is also sustainable. It is made of natural fibers and the production process is relatively harmless to the environment (no chemicals are used).
  • The printed silk is produced in the Wensli Factory in China.
  • The washed silk is sourced from Exotic silks. They import the silk from Thailand, China, Korea, and India.


  • The masks are crafted by our skilled seamstresses in our atelier in Lithuania. We have visited the atelier numerous time and a great collaboration. The employees work in very good conditions and get a decent salary.

Read more about our sustainable production, materials and factories at

1 review for Children’s face mask

  1. Siiri (verified owner)

    I am in my 30s but have a small face so I dislike using regular face masks for adults because they are always too loose or large. I got this kids face mask and it fits perfectly, and you can also adjust the straps to make it fit even better. Only wish it was available in more colours or prints.

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