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Silk pouch with 10 filters-Face mask de Luxe

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Silk pouch with face mask filters (De Luxe)

The luxurious silk pouch contains 1o filters for the face mask De Luxe. The washable filters are Spunbonded Non-Woven 100% Polypropylene, which are the filters recommended by the WHO.  The pouches are made of left-over silk and therefor come in various random colours. The (empty) pouch can also be used to keep your face mask in between wears.

These washable face mask filters are especially made to fit our Silk face mask de Luxe. The filters are sewn to fit perfectly in the pocket on the backside of the face mask. Instructions for use:

  1. Remove the filter when washing the mask. If you want to wash both , you don’t have to remove the filter.
  2. Wash the filter with hand wash on 30 degrees. Wash the filter with soap and scrub them for at least 20 seconds with warm to hot water before drying.
  3. Air dry the filter
  4. Put it back in the mask before wearing. Make sure the side with wire is inserted first. This results in that the wire can be shaped over your nose.


  • Pouch 100% silk
  • Pouch and filter can be washed on 60° machine wash
  • The included filter is Spunbond non-Woven 100% Polypropylene

Please note that face masks filters are considered a personal use item. That means that we are not offering returns or exchanges as we normally do with other items.



The Fabric:

  • The pouches are produced, as far as possible, from left–over silk or silk-mix fabric. We use the fabric, which remains left when cutting the masks and garments. We try to produce as little waste as possible. 


  • The masks are crafted by our skilled seamstresses in our atelier in Lithuania. We have visited the atelier numerous time and a great collaboration. The employees work in very good conditions and get a decent salary.

Read more about our sustainable production, materials and factories at


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