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Big Silk Scarf

499 kr

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Big Silk Scarf

Now we sell out this unique piece.  There is only one scarf available.

It’s made out of 100% silk.

It’s design for both: everyday wear and more elegant look.


A sustainable business model

Our aim is to build a sustainable business. It all starts with our business concept of producing on demand. This means that we only produce this garment when a customer has ordered it. We don’t mass produce and never over-produce either. We know that 30% of the garments in stores are over produced from the start end up in landfill. That’s why we are determined to our custom-fit & production on demand approach.

When it comes to each product, we are aiming to be transparent about the way it’s produced and where the fabrics come from.

The Production:

This design is crafted by our skilled seamstresses in our atelier in Lithuania. We have visited the atelier numerous times and have a great collaboration. The employees work in very good conditions and get a decent salary.


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