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Tumble Dryer Balls

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The tumble dryer balls are used to replace fabric softener when tumble drying your laundry. These woolen balls will not only make your fabrics softer, they will also remove static electricity. Therefor there is no need for a liquid fabric softener anymore. Furthermore they reduce tumble dry time by 10-30%. That means that they save both energy and drying time. We think they are perfect to use while drying your sheets in the tumble dryer.

In other words tumble dryer balls are an excellent sustainable option to fabric softeners and plastic dry balls.


  • The balls are made of 100% natural wool from New Zealand
  • They will last for about 3-5 years
  • The package includes 4 balls and a soft storage bag

At Studio Heijne we aim for longer lasting garments and accessories. By taking care of them in the right way, their life time will be prolonged. And in the end, a longer life, means a more sustainable product.



  • The balls exist our of 100% organic wool.


Steamery is a Scandinavian clothing care brand whose aim is to change the way clothes are taking care of. Steamery has a Code of Conduct, which means that every supplier must sign to discharge social conditions. Furthermore they take help of external inspection companies to improve problems that arise during audits.


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