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Uuma – Natural Tanned Leather Case

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This is the most essential, sustainable, timeless case you’ll ever find. It has space for sunglasses, the micro fibre cloth and any straps. The case is crafted by natural tanned leather made for Akenberg’s sunglasses at the small family owned factory Kero in Sattajärvi. Uumaa will protect your eyewear and can be used as an accessory. In other words, 100 percent environmentally friendly and designed to last a lifetime.


  • The case is made in Sweden of natural tanned leather with substances from the bark of trees.
  • It has a metal stud for closure.
  • Akenberg uses natural tanned and vintage tanned leather in the Uumaa cases.


Akenberg is a Swedish design house set out to create handmade high-quality accessories inspired by arctic lifestyle and nature. Each of every model is produced in limited edition to bring true value and handicraft into life. The brand is founded by AnnKathrin Lundqvist and Jenny Olsson. The brand’s ideology is to avoid mass production and create sustainable design products inspired by the arctic nature and lifestyle. Akenberg’s vision is to make every individual feel strong, special and unique offering an elevated selection of elegant coolness to work into your daily uniform. 

At Studio Heijne we select our collaborative partners and their products with sustainability in mind. These sunglasses from Akenberg fit very well into our sustainable concept. 


Akenberg designs sunglasses and accessories to empower the handicraft with a philosophy rooted in the Swedish nature.They take pride in using sustainable materials that turn into new products for forward thinking and environmentally conscious individuals.  

  • Akenberg’s leather accessories are made of skin from Swedish cow and reindeer


Natural tanned leather, or vegetable tanned leather, is a method of tanning leather where only natural materials are used in the process of tanning. By using the bark from trees instead of harsh chemicals the impact of the environment is significant. 


  • The case is made in a small family owned factory Kero, a small family-owned factory in Sattajärvi. Kero have succeeded in creating a sustainable concept that does not harm the nature in any way throughout the process, nor is a danger to the staff or consumer.


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