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Linen/room spray- Cottone pulito

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Organic linen water

Spray organic linen water with fragrance Cottone Pulito on your garments or home textiles and they will smell lovely instantly. The scent Cottone Pulito translates pure cotton into Italian and smells of crispy cotton flower. In other words this natural linen water smells of freshly washed and sun-warmed cotton. Moreover it’ll arrive in a cute spray bottle with a misting nozzle which evenly sprays the liquid over the item of your preference.

Additionally organic linen water is also available in fragrances wood , lavender and citrus so you’re bound to find the aroma that you’ve been looking for.

How to use linen spray

Here are examples of the ways you can use the spray:

  1. Spray on soft furnishings like the lounge, curtains, carpets, rugs and bedding to freshen between washes.
  2. Use as an ironing aide for fresh smelling clothes..
  3. Spray clothes to keep fresh between washes.
  4. Use as an air freshener.
  5. Spray in the car.
  6. Freshen up towels and sheets that have been tucked away in storage for a while.

Read more about the history of linen spray and how to make your own spray here.

Gröna Gredelina

Gröna Gredelina is a Swedish company that manufactures organic and natural products for the body and home. Firstly they do this without using toxic chemicals and unnecessary additives. Secondly all products contain as few ingredients as possible. Thirdly most products are manufactured locally in Stockholm after genuine, old and proven recipes.


  • Size: 100 ml
  • Package: plastic pump bottle
  • Non-toxic Facts: Completely without toxic chemicals, parabens, synthetic surfactants, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and dyes.
  • Includes only this: INCI: Distilled water water), alcohol denat (alcohol) *, plant-based perfume oil without phthalates.* organically grown ingredients
  • Locally produced in Stockholm, Sweden

At Studio Heijne we select our collaborative partners and their products with sustainability in mind. This spray from Gröna Gredelina fits very well into our sustainable concept. 


Using this fragrant spray on your garments or home textiles is a sustainable and a quick replacement for washing. Additionally it is made from organically grown ingredients.

Read more about linen water in our article What is linen water and how to use it.

Non-toxic Facts: Completely without toxic chemicals, parabens, synthetic surfactants, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and dyes.


  • Locally produced in Stockholm, Sweden

2 reviews for Linen/room spray- Cottone pulito

  1. Catharina Heijne

    My favourite odeur, I spray it on my clothes and also in the livingroom/kitchen after cooking . Such a subtile odeur and … a nice present for a friend.

  2. Kim

    Smells fantastic and leaves no stains. You can really spray it on to everything and everywhere. I use it for my clothes and for my living room. Such a nice smell!!

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