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Face mask de luxe Stripes

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Main colour or pattern: painted stripe

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Silk face mask de luxe

This striped silk face mask is pre-shaped and therefore has a comfortable shape for most faces. It’s a reusable commuter face mask (non-medical grade). The striped silk mask is crafted from luxurious silk on the outside and cotton sheeting on the inside, which are both washable in the wash machine. The pattern is an original Heijne hand drawn design.

Additionally the striped silk mask has a pocket opening inside for the insert of a filter. One washable Spunbond filter (recommended by The WHO) is included.


This mask fits most adults, women and men. If you have an extra small face or a larger face (mostly men) we would recommend the silk face mask instead.


  • The elastic loops wrap around the ear are adjustable for better comfort.
  • A metal wire is sewn inside the mask for a better fit over the nose.
  • Every face masks comes with 1 washable filter included.
  • Silk has the benefit of being gentle to the skin and will not give rashes.
  • Silk is highly breathable.
  • Additionally our logo label in rose gold metal is stitched on.


  • Our silk masks are tested successfully for washing on 60°.
  • We recommend washing the mask after every use with delicate wash, 30°.  That will clean the mask sufficiently. Every now and then you can wash the mask on 60 degrees for sanitation.
  • The outer fabric is 100% silk crepe and the inside 100% cotton
  • The included filter is Spunbond non-Woven 100% Polypropylene

Tips for responsible mask use:

  • Wash you hands before putting on the mask
  • Always handle the mask from the ear loop straps when wearing or removing.
  • When you return home, remove the mask first before washing your hands.

Please note that face masks are considered a personal use item. That means that we are not offering returns or exchanges as we normally do with other items.

A sustainable business model

Our aim is to build a sustainable business. It all starts with our business concept of producing on demand. This means that we only produce this garment when a customer has ordered it. We don’t mass produce and never over-produce either. We know that 30% of the garments in stores are over produced from the start end up in landfill. That’s why we are determined to our custom-fit & production on demand approach.

When it comes to each product, we are aiming to be transparent about the way it’s produced and where the fabrics come from.

The Production:

This design is crafted by our skilled seamstresses in our atelier in Lithuania. We have visited the atelier numerous times and have a great collaboration. The employees work in very good conditions and get a decent salary.


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