5 silk scarf styling tips

5 silk scarf styling tips


Large silk scarves in with geometric print and a graphic touch are our specialty. Because of the generous size they are versatile and there are numerous ways to style them. Here are our 5 favourite styling tips:


Autumn scarf:

Drape over chunky-knit sweaters and jackets during winter and autumn.

2 Wear as belt:

Fold it a few times to create a belt. Tie around your waist or close it with a clip.

We are especially fond of styling a loose silhouette dress with a wide belt a la kimono style.

If you make the folds very small, the belt will go through the belt loops of your favourite jeans.

3 Resort style one:

Tie around your waist as skirt This is a great styling tip to cover up while walking on the beach.

4 Resort style two:

Make a dress by wrapping the scarf around over your bikini or basic dress.

Tie in your neck or at one shoulder and you are ready for (off) beach lunch.




Tie as a turban or hair band. Very on trend.


By the way, did you know that all our scarves are easy to take care of by handwashing and low-heat ironing?

Our silk scarves are produced with a sustainable production model. We produce the scarves only on demand, meaning that we will never over produce, but still are ableto deliver fast. Read more about our sustainable production in our previous blog.


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