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Wendy Heijne


No more standard sizes and standard fashion. I believe in fashion personalized by you. Thats why I have founded Studio Heijne. By blogging I hope to add some colour to your daily life. And hopefully inspire you to think outside the box and to try the new way of shopping: personal slow-fashion instead of mass-produced garments


Posted by Elsa Gustafsson January 23, 2022

Made-to-measure Essential Shirt in black silk is our latest addition to the "Custom-fit Essentials Collection." Let us tell you the story behind and show our customize possibilities. From a customise lover's wish It all started with Marijke. She loves 2 things: the Essential Shirt and the colour BLACK. However a black [...]

Posted by Elsa Gustafsson March 30, 2021

We stand for equality, equal opportunity and the right to be 100% you. Size–free, fear less and vulnerable. New customize options to midi dress Sunday have arrived. Choose colours and details and make it yours. About Sunday dress The relaxed and straight fit can be tempered with the including d-ring [...]

Posted by zlatanseeba January 20, 2020

4 reasons why you should try these jeans With this jeans we tackle one of the biggest challenges for women when shopping for denim. 45% of all women struggle to find clothes that fit (according to this New York Post article). Even our own survey with our customers shows that [...]

Posted by zlatanseeba November 14, 2019

Standard sizes are crap 'Today I was listening to a conversation between 3 stylish women who sat a few meters from my desk. It went like this: I used to be a size 38, but now I am rather a 40 or 42, but I still buy 38 and pretend [...]

Custom made jeans by Studio Heijne
Posted by zlatanseeba October 19, 2019

Read about why we are introducing custom made jeans and trousers (scroll down for info about the launch)  It all starts in the fitting room... [caption id="attachment_24656" align="aligncenter" width="2000"] Fitting rooms can be frustrating[/caption] The frustation with fitting rooms. I stand in the cold lights of a dressing room with [...]

Posted by zlatanseeba July 12, 2019

Custom made is the new black Read here our top 7 list of the best brands (within fashion, sports and even furniture) which offer custom made products. They all have different approach to customization, which is pretty cool. For example, some brands monogram one’s initials. Other brands offer the possibility [...]

Posted by zlatanseeba April 21, 2019

Almost all fashion brands use the standard size system (size 34-36-38 etc). The problem with this system is that standard sizes don't benefit you personally. They are not invented to serve you and give you a perfect fitting garment. In contrast, they are invented to benefit mass production. And therefor [...]

Posted by zlatanseeba April 9, 2019

Scroll down for the step-by-step measuring guide. I know it's a bit scary to measure your size, if you are not used to do that. It can also be a bit confronting. Maybe you don't want to know your measurements? It can happen for example that you always thought you [...]

Posted by zlatanseeba September 27, 2018

Why a customized dress? You have been buying fast fashion (ready-to-wear trendy clothes) for many years, which you already know how disappointing the results can be. Standardized sizing does not have good connotation for consumers. For instance, you are likely aware that a size 6 at Zara fits differently from [...]

Posted by zlatanseeba February 27, 2018

For a few weeks ago Ebba Bucht Lugani wrote on her blog about how she was customising our Workday dress online and than ordered it. I personally handed over the beautiful box with her dress in it 2 days ago. Todays she published the result on her blogg Fantastic dinner [...]