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No more standard sizes and standard fashion. I believe in fashion personalized by you. Thats why I have founded Studio Heijne. By blogging I hope to add some colour to your daily life. And hopefully inspire you to think outside the box and to try the new way of shopping: personal slow-fashion instead of mass-produced garments

Stories of Heijne

Why standard sizes are crap

Almost all fashion brands use the standard size system (size 34-36-38 etc). The problem with this system is that standard sizes don’t benefit you personally. They are not invented to serve you and give you a perfect fitting garment. In contrast, they are invented to benefit mass production. And therefor firstly benefit the company. Because it’s cheaper for companies to produce many garments at once.

The other problem is that the garments are produced before they are bought by customers. That means that the company doesn’t know who is going to buy the clothes in advance. As a result, the companies hopes that their customers can find a size they fit well, but they can never be sure.

My personal fitting problem

I personally have a fitting problem. Or let’s be positive and call it a challenge. My hips are 2 sizes bigger them my waist. It’s pretty impossible to find dresses, trousers and skirts with a good fitting. Either the garments are too tight over my hips, or they are too big in the waist.

But since I started Studio Heijne, I order all my dresses and skirt made-to-measure from our collection. It’s such a great thing, not to worry about fitting when you order a garment. Because I know it’s going to fit me. Additionally, it also saves a lot of time. For example by not have to return garments, not to browse the internet night after night in search for this perfect fitting garment.

No one has a standard size

I know this as a fact. After long experience in the fashion industry I know how difficult it is to find one person with a size and length exactly according the standard measurement. It’s almost impossible.

For example, during my time as a designer at H&M, we always had problems with finding the right models. We wanted to find a model who had the same measurements as our standard size S. Which meant that the model had to be 169 cm long, her chest needs to be 88 cm, waist 72, hips 96 cm etc. There were a bunch of other measurements as well which mattered, but I won´t bother you with too many numbers. It was a hard job for the recruiters.

And when we finally found an almost perfect sized model, it happened often that we blamed on the model anyway, when the fitting wasn´t perfect. “Ah, she has extra broad shoulders “, we said for example. Or: “She is a bit plus in the hips” (meaning her hips are a few cm bigger than the standard size)

The real problem with standard sizing

With standard sizes, it’s always the person who gets the blame. Not the garment. It’s the person who has to adjust to the garment with standard sizing. Instead I think it makes much more sense that the garment adjusts to the person. That’s what custom-made garments are doing. They are made to benefit the wearer of the garments.


Wear custom made and never worry about size again

Larissa, one of the seamstresses from our atelier

You should really try custom made garments instead. Because only than you will personally experience the benefits of custom-made garments. I know you will be 100% satisfied. Because the custom-made garment will fit perfectly. Because owning a garment that is personalized will make you look better and give more confidence. It will give you also something special, namely knowing that this garment is sewn especially for you, with love, by one person, in an atelier where amazing women work under good circumstances.

Check out our custom-made collection here.

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