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Best in test: which steamer to buy?

We tested 3 steamers. Find out which steamer is best.

At Heijne we love steaming and steamers. In our latest blog we explained why steaming will make your life a bit easier and more sustainable. If you have missed it, read “5 reasons to steam your clothes” If you are convinced already and want to know more about how to steam, read it here: How to steam your silk garments.

Steaming the Day Dress with Philips Style Touch Pure

Which steamer to choose?

The next question is which steamer to buy? We decided to test a few steamers, to see the differences and understand which one is best for which purpose. We tried 3 different steamers available on the market and tested them on different garment- and fabric-types. After that we compared them. See the results of our steaming test in the schedule underneath or jump right to our conclusions by scrolling down. Hopefully, our review will help you decide which steamer suits you the best. We have chosen our favorite one based on a few criteria. Check out which one below.

Steaming silk dress with Philips Steam & Go

This are the three steamers we tested:

1. STEAMERY Cirrus No. 3

Iron Steamer Cirrus No.3

2. STEAMERY Cirrus No. 2

Black Steamer Cirrus No.2

3. Philips Steam & Go

Philips Steam & Go

Here are the results:

Product /



Cirrus No. 3


Cirrus No. 2


Steam & Go

Time to heat up 25 sec 25 sec 45 sec
Weight Medium Medium Light
Aesthetics Best Best Basic
Continuous steaming 12 min 6 min 6 min
Available colors charcoal, sand black, grey, blue, pink blue, pink
Extras Wearable ironing tool Travel / Protection Bag Brush


Our favorite steamers are the ones from the Steamery. They have clearly the best aesthetics and design and they heat up the fastest. If you love the combination of practical and great design, you should definitely go for steamers from Steamery. We recommend the latest version Cirrus No. 3 Iron Steamer as it’s not just a regular steamer, but it is a hybrid between a steamer and an iron. The ironing plate heats up to the same heat level as level 1 on an iron. Once you’ll fill the water tank, you can continuously steam up to 12 minutes.

The case may be that you are looking for high quality and beautiful aesthetics, but the newest version of the Iron Steamer from Steamery is beyond your budget. Then we recommend going for the older version Hand Steamer Cirrus No.2. Although it isn’t the hybrid between a steamer and an iron, it’s still very good steamer. It’s not a coincidence that you can find both steamers from Steamery in our online shop and our concept store. We only take in products we have personally tested and really love. And pssst: we have a really good price on them …

Cirrus no.3 steamer

If you have a smaller budget, then you should get the Philips Steam & Go. It’ll do the job, but it just doesn’t look that fancy.

We hope this test helped you!

Would you like us to test something else related to garment care? Let us know in the comments below.

Hand steamer Cirrus No.2

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