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No more standard sizes and standard fashion. I believe in fashion personalized by you. Thats why I have founded Studio Heijne. By blogging I hope to add some colour to your daily life. And hopefully inspire you to think outside the box and to try the new way of shopping: personal slow-fashion instead of mass-produced garments

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Studio Heijne on Stockholm Fashion week

Stockholm fashion week cancelled!


Stockholm Fashion Week cancelled
Stockholm Fashion Week cancelled


Yesterday the Swedish Fashion Council announced that the Stockholm fashion week, planned to be hold in August, is cancelled. The message has been spreading fast through the international fashion world, says Jennie Rosén, CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council .

The importance of the Fashion Week.

It took a moment for me to digest this shocking news. The 2 yearly fashion event has been important for Swedish fashion, nationally and internationally since it started the first time in 1996. For the national fashion press has the event been the highlight of the year. Also the international fashion press follows what happens in the Stockholm Fashion scene thoroughly.

We have also a strong connection with the Fashion week. Studio Heijne launched the first collection on the Stockholm Fashion Week  in 2016. The American Vogue visited at that time and was the first magazine to publish our collection and helped us making a fantastic international launch! See here our collection published in the American Vogue.

Studio Heijne on Stockholm Fashion Week
The launch collection of Studio Heijne published at

Sustainability and Digitization is the reason.

The reason why it’s cancelled is that the fashion industry has not come far enough in the matter of sustainability and digitization.

The Swedish fashion council explains:  Fashion Week, as well as the fashion industry as a whole, faces major challenges to meet the demands of sustainability, innovation, relevance and timing today. The amount of future reports points to this, yet the industry is in a vacuum that affects the Swedish fashion scene in the wrong direction. Therefore we need to take action to help the industry into the future.

In a digital revolution, old truths are changing and the fashion industry needs new sustainable business models and formats that can generate new revenue models. Examples are rental, streaming, remake, swops, repairs and, for example, buybacks, new infrastructures and innovation and synergies between industries.

Thank you Jennie Rosen and The Swedish Fashion Council!

We can’t agree more! It’s about time that the important fashion actors set their foot down and make statements!

Since we have started Studio heijne we have been struggling with the traditional fashion industry and the way it’s organized and handling things. We made many decisions which are going against the mainstream  fashion traditions. For example regarding traditional media and pr strategies, traditional production ways, traditional supply chains and seasonal collections. We have been constantly thinking on how to do it different and future oriented. Here are some of our key actions which goes against the traditional fashion industry.

Sustainable production on demand


First of all, we produce in a much more modern and sustainable way than most brands. We produce on demand!  This goes directly against the traditional way of mass producing in advance. Because of modern techniques and digitalization this works! Yes, it’s hard to find production who can work according our standards, but we think it’s so worth it. And we know it’s the future.


Did you know that we have over 1000 digital styles online on our webbshop? Some of the styles we have not even seen in reality yet, because they will never be produced before a customer orders it. They exist digital only. In this way we can offer our customers a lot more styles than we could with a traditional way of producing. In addition it helps us work season less. The best thing is that styles can be in the collection many years. They don’t take any physical place, meaning that we don’t have a stock. You can order you favorite silk top again a few years later, in the same color.

Digital styles on Studio Heijnes website
The Spotify of Fashion

Soon, we start to work even more with digital products in 3d. The possibilities with digital clothes are endless. We think of Studio Heijne as a future Spotify of garments, personal and digital, as a gigantic library of garments, to buy or rent.

We believe in a future were people want to have personalized quality products: sometimes to buy, sometimes to rent or sometimes to wear only digitally. And we believe in avatars fitting clothes for us online. In the future Studio Heijne will offer made-to-measure garments directly adjusted to your personal size on your avatar.

So thank you for Swedish Fashion Council for helping us disrupting the Fashion System!

And for you out there, who believes in the same digital and sustainable future as we do, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are looking for collaborations and investors to accelerate our growth.


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