Sustainable, of course!


Yes, we want sustainable fashion! As a matter of fact, sustainability is one of the ground pillars of Studio Heijne. We want to be a fashion label for the future and being sustainable goes hand in hand with that objective. Therefor it is an integrated part of our business decisions.


What makes us sustainable?

Production on demand

Over production is a big problem in the world of mass production and fast fashion. With on-demand-production (products are cut and sewn in our atelier in Lithuania after the order is placed), this problem is no longer an issue.


Production atelje

Sustainable production

All our products are made in a small and nice atelier in Lithuania. Loreta has a team of 8 lovely ladies, who have been working there for many years. They earn a decent salary and have good working conditions. 

Personal fashion

As a customer you are involved in the design process and can create something which is 100% your style and fits you perfect. We are convinced that this possibility will add an additional, unique value to the garment which will in turn guarantee a longer lifetime.


We aim to use sustainable material. At the moment we are mainly working with silk and viscose. Silk is not only an amazing and beautiful quality, but is also sustainable.

It is made of natural fibres and therefor biodegradable.

The production process is relatively harmless to the environment and our silk is finished and dyed in Italy.

Viscose is a cellulose fibre made of wood pulp (similar as wood pulp for making paper). With a less polluting production process, viscose has the potential of being a sustainable fibre. We are also sourcing to use more sustainable materials in our future products.